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Our mission is to honor fallen

U.S. Special Operation Forces

and enhance the quality of life for wounded members



In October of 2012 a team of Special Operations members raided a house in northern Afghanistan, in search of a High Value Individual (HVI). Immediately after their helicopters landed the team came under intense machine gun fire. In an effort to suppress the threat and defend his team mates Ryan Savard rushed towards the gun fire. He was killed while defending his team mates so they could safely get off of their helicopters. Two other members of the team were wounded that night while attempting to provide medical aid to Ryan.

In the summer of 2014, while deployed in Northern Iraq, two active duty soldiers, Cris Valley and Jason Buck, dreamed up the Coast x Coast Ride for the Fallen as a way to honor the memory of their friend Ryan Savard as well as raise funds for, and lend support to, those who have lost loved ones in combat.

Once the deployment was over, they took action and organized the first Ride For the Fallen which took place in September 2014.

Ryan’s Story

Your donations directly sponsor the medical needs of wounded U.S. Special Operation Forces

As government programs continue to fall short in providing adequate healthcare to our elite warriors, make a stand with us, as we strive to to make a difference. Coast X Coast ranks is filled with members of Special Operations Forces (SOF) who have personally witnessed and experienced the shortfalls in longterm medical care for our warriors. That is why we are proud to support the Special Operations Health Initiative Program. The SOF Health Initiative takes a comprehensive approach to identifying the root causes of illness and utilizes a revolutionary systems biology from of medicine known as Functional Medicine. The program has been used by various Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Units for advanced functional diagnostic health assessments such as biochemical and metabolic analysis, neuroendocrine testing, genetic testing and extensive diagnostic testing for occupational and environmental exposures such as heavy metals and other deployment related exposures. The SOF Health Initiative Program transcends the typical approaches known today as conventional health care. The program offers a full systems, patient-centric approach to resolving health complaints and creates an environment conducive to healing and recovery based on each individuals biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness. The SOF Health Initiatives Program has teamed up with with multiple organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, EXOS, Millennium Health TBI, The Brain Treatment Center (USC), CERESCAN, InLight Wellness and the Elk Institute. The SOF Health Initiatives Program also has a Medical Advisory Team compromised of some of the most highly respected providers and researchers on the United States. If you’d like to read more about the SOF Health Initiative please click here.